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At D&A Innovative Systems we know how important it is for our clients to be sure that the investments made are as successful as possible

For this, before carrying out any project, we want to be really useful. The first thing we do is make our knowledge available to you to help determine the most appropriate action plan. From our experience we provide points of improvement, deficiencies to be corrected and possible implementations for the improvement of production processes, management, increase of services, taking measures and their visualization,…

Hardware Engineering

With hardware engineering we develop and manufacture computer equipment such as control systems, robotics, microprocessors and sensor devices taking into account efficiency, safety and environmental factors.

Software Engineering

Software engineering allows us to develop IT project management in addition to advanced software design and development, UX-UI interfaces, web, SEO, platform design for IoT management,...

Virtual Reality

Development of applications for the interaction of real world objects with 3D models for their management and control from different devices connected through an online platform.


Process digitization applications make it possible to access information in real time, always be connected, react anytime, anywhere.


In addition to predictive maintenance, by having control of the product throughout its life, the manufacturer manages to strengthen the loyalty of the final consumer.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows access to software resources at an international level and with very low or no latency for the management and/or control of your company's resources.

IoT services and modular machine learning




Process Digitalization

  • The IoT (Internet of Things) has long ceased to be science fiction. IoT is pure present, and we have it in our lives every day. The number of objects connected to the Internet continues to grow. It helps people and businesses to make their lives easier. Incredible applications in companies optimize production and process control. And it improves decision making. Process digitalization applications make it possible to access information in real time, to be always connected, to react anytime, anywhere, and to offer two-way communication with all parts of the company. A world full of possibilities through these technologies that allow companies to improve the knowledge of their processes, customer experience or a better visualization of production processes. In D&A we make all this possible thanks to our open and multifunctional systems, capable of connecting to any other device in an easy and transparent way for the user.

Machine Servitization

  • Among the thousand strategies that can be adopted to gain competitive advantage, servitization is the secret weapon of the manufacturing company.
    Companies go a step further by offering services related to their products, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. Data and machine learning help to keep assets under control, make better decisions and have a quick reaction capacity to offer better services. Servitization allows to use digital information to optimize business results and create new revenues, optimize costs, new customer experience... thus offering value by applying digital technologies.

    Some of the advantages of the servitization:
    • • Transformation of the business model: Increases sales opportunities by opening new marketing channels, moving towards new models where the use or service provided by the product is monetized and not only the product itself.
    • • Greater analysis capacity: It allows to know the customer's preferences and to offer a better service.
    • • Improved operational capacity: Reduces costs and time by being able to anticipate customer needs.

    • If you are thinking of transforming your business in an easy way and incorporate servitization in your business, count on the support of D&A Innovative Systems.

Sustainable Cities

  • The incorporation of IoT in cities is so important and has so much future, that Smart Cities have almost an entity of their own to be treated completely separately. Cities are made up of thousands of elements, with a multitude of management areas or infrastructures that can benefit from the use of technology. Smart cities incorporate digitalization to urban furniture, thus favoring life in the city.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency is the main focus of a smart city. Through the adoption of intelligent control systems, it is possible to manage the luminous flux based on different climatological, presential or geographical conditions. Through their effective control, electricity consumption can be reduced by more than 35%.

Traffic and Road Safety

  • Urban technology is already being used to improve the safety of citizens. There are already app developments that help drivers find free spaces and even electric chargers, reserve spaces for different days and at different times, report dense traffic at trouble spots by offering alternative routes,...

Quality of Life and Citizen Safety

  • Through the use of sensors we can control, improve and inform about the air quality of the cities, the noise level of the cities, the saturation and possible problems of the sewage system, electrical hazards due to earth leakage or unexpected leakage,...

Smart buildings

  • The construction of buildings incorporating sensors is already a common practice in much of the territory. These sensors can monitor the state of structural health of buildings, detecting wear and tear and notifying the next need for repairs, as well as detecting leaks in pipes, even isolating the section affected by the fault.

CLOMOS / IoT Platform

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