D&A Innovative Systems

Engineering technical services for industry 4.0.

Who we are

D&A Innovative Systems, S.L. is a company founded in 2015 to provide integral technological solutions


We are a technology company, synonymous with technological excellence, innovation, quality and reliability. D&A Innovative Systems is a leading provider of efficient technology generation and transmission solutions and a pioneer in digital transformation solutions, as well as comprehensive design and software solutions for industry.

We believe in excellence. Our way of doing things is to do the best we can.
We believe in the power of human relationships as a motivating force to overcome difficulties.
Innovation is present in each of our actions.
We are passionate about solving problems that no one has solved before.

Quality policy

The customer experience is as important as products and prices, becoming the main factor driving the organization. At D&A Innovative Systems, the customer is at the center of our decisions. Therefore, we offer you a personalized, fast and consistent experience throughout the process, which makes us achieve satisfied customers.

. Customer experience is part of the intrinsic culture of the organization, present in all our employees. We develop this culture through customer centricity, accompanying them throughout the process and prioritizing their methods and needs.

Quality offering
. With an innovative foundation, we offer services and products of outstanding quality that is preserved throughout the entire life cycle, from design, manufacturing, shipping, operations and services. We focus on a digital, predictive and customized approach from start to finish with the goal of meeting our customers' needs.

Continuous Improvement
. We collect and analyze information gathered throughout the customer experience. This information is a valuable analytical source that allows us to develop our commitment to continuous improvement by anticipating failure, preventing complaints and improving key points throughout our processes.

. We encourage our teams to manage their priorities and decisions in order to maximize business value for our customers. To this end, we rely on work teams made up of people with customer-oriented skills.

. We analyze in depth the customer experience at all points of contact with the customer, leveraging and prioritizing our investments in adapting sales techniques accordingly.

We manifest our commitment to avoid conflicts between health and safety and work performance, guaranteeing them in all aspects related to your work, and integrating prevention in all areas of decision making. No job is so important as to endanger the physical integrity of people!

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