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Multi-sector AI, IoT and Machine Learning services


Comprehensive engineering solutions.


What we offer

At D&A Innovative Systems, we are specialists in digital transformation solutions.

Hardware Engineering

Through hardware engineering, we develop and manufacture computer equipment such as control systems, robotics, microprocessors, sensor devices, ...

Software Engineering

Software engineering allows us to develop advanced software design and programming, UX-UI interfaces, web, SEO, platform design for IoT management,...

Virtual Reality

Development of applications for the interaction of real world objects with 3D models for their management and control from different devices connected through an online platform.


Process digitization applications make it possible to access information in real time, always be connected, react anytime, anywhere.


In addition to predictive maintenance, by having control of the product throughout its life, the manufacturer manages to strengthen the loyalty of the final consumer.


Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows access to software resources at an international level and with very low or no latency for the management and/or control of your company's resources.



In D&A we have sensors-actuators designed to be able to visualize and act on external devices.

At D&A we have developed different sensors, both connected and wireless, that we can combine and adapt to suit our clients.

Of course, all our sensors are compatible and combinable with each other to obtain any parameter: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure (Relative and Absolute), Revolutions, Light, Vibrations, Volumetric, Energy Parameters, Accelerometer, Face-to-Face, Infrared, Environmental,...

If we do not have the sensor you need to ask us without commitment because we are specialized in the development and adaptation of them.


Experts in the design and manufacture of sensors at the request of the client.


Put your brand to one of our standard sensors.


We have a wide variety of sensors already developed, tested and guaranteed.

CLOMOS / IoT Platform

Sectoral solutions adapted to your company



Sector solutions.
Tailored to your business.

We are aware that each company needs specific data and wants them "in their own way", that is why we have made CLOMOS in an open way, so that you get only what you need.

By collecting data from different communication buses and third-party APIs, CLOMOS is adaptable to any sector since it is the customer who configures it to suit them.


Modular cross-platform



Scalable and flexible


Relational and georeferenced system

User Management

Fleet management

IoT device management

Graphs and statistics

Machine Learning

Management of alarms and alerts

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